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In the present economy, whose characteristic is the great mobility and a fast competitive market, the organizations must concentrate their efforts on their core activity and one of the best ways to accomplish this target is to avoid investing in intermediate processes.The audit is essential in this process and if it is put in charge of a specialized team, it can become more efficient..

Outsourcing advantages and benefits
• Turnover equals to zero• ;
• Organization structure ´s debureaucracy;
• Organization´s resources and efforts centered on their area of actuation;
• Physical space quittance;
• Activity specialization with quality and productivity improvement;

The cost reduction also stands out through by eliminating:
• Salaries, labour and security burdens and their contingencies;
• Disbursement with training;
• Vacations;13th Salary; allowances; rescission of contract;
• Costs with alimony,health plan, transport voucher among other benefits;
• Expenses with staff recruting and selection;