Belo Horizonte, june, 30th,2022

Rua Timbiras,1560, 17º andar
Funcionários - CEP 30140-061
Belo Horizonte/MG Brasil
Telefax: 55 31 3222 7606 / 3274 0833




Risk Management, Internal Audit, External Audit and Consulting rendering of services, developing activities in mid-sized and big companies which actuate in administrative, financial, accounting, commercial, personnel, logistics and information technology areas. Such activities are executed by thoroughly qualified and trained professionals through our continuous education program.

Risk Management - Risk management is a structured process which aims at eliminating or minimizing the activities-related risk impacts on the businessesīresults from their processes analysis, which have been previously ranked in a Risk Matrix, whose objective is to implement the best practices in the market, for the controls monitoring and effectiveness.

Internal Audit - The aim is to ensure reasonable assurance that the controls are adequate to the identified risks, enabling the operations effectiveness and the assets protection, in order to protect the shareholdersīs investiments, besides the care for the Internal and External Audit reports, with the due fulfilment of the applicable laws,norms and internal policies.

External Audit - Financial statements independent audit, where legal and technical procedures are used, aiming at presenting itself as an opportunity to the issue of an opinion about such demonstrations, always observing the accounting and legal principles in force in Brasil, as well as the specific rules applicable to each line of business.The audit procedures are applicable through sampling tests, until they are considered necessary and adequate for the opinion formation, externalized by the issue of Independent Auditors opinion. Our services comprise the Asset and Result Accounts Review, Internal Controls, Security and Tax Aspects.

Consulting - Elaboration of normatized procedures to ensure the processes and procedures effectiveness, with projection for the areas: Accounting, Costs, Finance, Fiscal, Computing and Administrative( Inventories, Positions and Salaries Plan and Organization Restructuring.